Summer Slam and Scamper

Hello Everyone!

Our Summer Slam and Scamper programs are going full speed ahead!

Summer Slam Week 1 starts today (June 30) at John Maclure Community School. It is held in the portables in front of the school. There is still some room in weeks 4, 5, and 6. Register NOW to reserve your spot!

Scamper will begin Monday, July 7th, and it will be held inside John Maclure Community School.



Summer Programs and Jumpstart Registrations

Due to the Strike our Community Office will be CLOSED! But we can help you for the summer as follows:

Please be advised that due to the Strike the following applies regarding Summer Slam, Game Design and 3D Animation registration and spring/summer Jump Start Registration:

1. For registering for the Summer Slam and the Game Design and 3D Animation programs, you can do so in a couple of ways:

a).  You can register by going to Letterlock in person at 33771 George Ferguson Way in Abbotsford and dropping off your fully completed registration form to our PO Box # 421.  You can give the form and cheque or cash payment in an envelope to the front counter to Denise, Malory, or Michelle.  It should be placed in Box # 421.

In order to get a Summer Slam, Game Design or 3D Animation Brochures, you can do so by downloading it off our web site at

b).  You may also register on line at by going to  When on our web site it will explain all this to you.

If you have any Summer Slam or Game Design or 3D Animation questions please call our office number at (604) 859-6919.  Please be patient because the staff will be accessing these messages from their homes, as that is where we will be working during the strike.

2.  Because WACSS has run out of funding for the Jump Start program for the spring/summer session we will no longer be taking any more calls or providing any more funds at this time.  However we will be taking new applications for the fall/winter session for the Jump Start program from July 2nd onward.

Thanks for your attention to these matters,

Pierre Welbedagt
Executive Director