Community Schools

Community Schools
The West Abbotsford Community School Society offers programs all over Abbotsford, but we spend the majority of our focus on the following eight schools:

Chief Dan George Middle School | website

32877 Old Riverside
Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2S 8K2

Clearbrook Elementary School | website

3614 Clearbrook Road
Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2T 6N3

Colleen & Gordie Howe Middle School | website

3174 Clearbrook Road
Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2T 4N6

Dr. Roberta Bondar Elementary School | website

32717 Chilcotin Drive
Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2T 5S5

John Maclure Community School | website

2990 Oriole Crescent
Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2T 4E1

Ten-Broeck Elementary School | website

2580 Stanley Street
Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2T 2R4

Terry Fox Elementary School | website

3071 Babich Road
Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2S 5W5

W.J. Mouat Secondary School | website

32355 Mouat Drive
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
V2T 4E9