Game Designer’s Camp

Game Designer’s Camp

Want to get your kids making games instead of playing games during a school break? Here is your chance! Our one week Game Designer’s Camp provides your child with the opportunity to create a simple video game from scratch. They will have a chance to learn about logic, computer programming, problem solving, and the applications of math in the real world. They will also learn game design comcepts such as story design, character design, level design, and gameplay design. Since this is an introductory class, students all work on similar projects as they learn the basics of the program. The class uses GameMaker 8.1 for Windows for its software. It is available as a free download. Students are encouraged to download the program and work on their projects at home.

The program costs include a USB drive, and a pizza party on the last day!

Prerequisites: Grades 5+, students must know many computer basics, must like math and logic, and must be able to focus for extended periods of time. This course is not recommended for children with behavioural issues or those who struggle in school.

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