Breakfast Club with WACSS

Breakfast Club with WACSS

West Abbotsford Community School Society continues to bring breakfast to families with the help of volunteers, parents and staff. The program is free for anybody who wants (and needs) a delicious breakfast, young and old, parent and child. Every day, between 30 and 50 students receive a healthy breakfast. The program runs Monday to Friday, from 7:45 am – 8:15 am in the John Maclure Community School gymnasium.

Breakfast Program Guidelines

  • Breakfast is served every day from 7:45am – 8:15am, try to be on time!
  • Adults and children are both welcome
  • Playing in the gym is allowed after 8:00am
  • Children are to stay in the gym until 8:15am
  • REUSE your cups, plates, and cutlery!!!
  • Everyone should assist in clean-up, at the least, please put your chairs away
  •  Please park in the lower parking lot!

Breakfast Club Menu:

menuThe program is made possible by our many sponsors! Thank-You for your continued support!

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Our breakfast program is manned by volunteers. For example, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s breakfast clubs are made possible by five amazing Costco volunteers. They have been running the breakfast program for the whole year! We also have parents and school staff who have been helping out. Nevertheless, we could always use more volunteers. Even if it is just once a week, every volunteer is greatly appreciated and needed. Please see our Volunteer Package for more information on volunteering.

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