Clearbrook Community Connections

The Clearbrook Community Connections is one of our most amazing programs. The program is offered completely free of charge, thanks to a huge grant from Royal Bank of Canada, Monday to Friday. It is a referred only program for students attending Clearbrook Elementary.

Students love the program.

Even though it runs right after school, they come to the program with big smiles on their faces because they know they’re going to have a great time. When they arrive, they are provided with a snack, and enjoy some free time with gym games or outside time. They then do all their homework, with the help of the leaders, and finally end the day with some sort of group activity! The program focuses on the following outcomes:

1. Increasing the academic scores of the participants. This will be achieved through assistance with homework and tutoring from our leaders. The children will receive 1 to 1 tutoring as well as group tutoring.

2. Increasing the positive behaviours of the participants. Through modelling of positive behaviours by staff/volunteers and teachers, participants make gains over the year in the behaviour.

3. Increasing social interactions, better attitude, and good sportsmanship through group activities and sports.

This is a free program sponsored by the Abbotsford School District, Royal Bank of Canada and by Clearbrook Elementary School.


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