Dragon Dojo Karate

Working together with Dragon Dojo Isshin Ryu Karate Club, we are proud to offer this amazing karate program. Martial arts are essential for young children as they teach self awareness, build confidence, teach discipline, and instill important principles in the children. Dragon Dojo offers two separate program, one for young children and one for older, and is held twice a week at John Maclure Community School.

** Call 604-217-0453 or visit www.dragondojo.ca to register! **

Little Ninjas

This introductory class emphasizes fun and learning through modelling and play. There is no sparring and wearing a gi is optional. The program is for ages 6-8. Look in the WACSS brochure for times/dates/cost.

Dragon Kidz

This is where children begin their journey in Isshin Ryu. The class contains a physical fitness component and structured training that includes basics, kata, and sparring. Gi’s are mandatory and students will have regular grading. The program is for ages 9-17.

dragon dojo

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