Preteen Xtreme

Our most popular program is Preteen Xtreme. Attendance exceed 30 and sometimes even 50 students per day. This program is a FREE Drop-in program for kids in grades 4-7. It generally runs from 6pm – 8pm, twice a week. Students play gym games like dodgeball, basketball, tag, zombie island, yoshi, and many more. They also go on FREE field trips to things like ice skating and bowling, as well as enjoy special events like the year end BBQ. The program is run by three amazing leaders as well as the participants. The participants get to elect a Preteen Council, students in grades 4-7, who meet with leaders and plan future days for the program.

Preteen Xtreme is designed to provide a safe place for students to go in the evenings, thereby keeping them out of trouble. It receives funding from Coast Capital as well as Community Gaming. The focus is on crime prevention as well as providing younger elementary school students with a chance to mix with older middle school students. This makes the transition from elementary school to middle school much easier for these kids.


Look for Preteen Xtreme dates and times in our brochures!

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